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Dinner Daily Plans and Pricing

For specially invited Stop&Shop customers with a signup code, The Dinner Daily is free to use through September 30, 2019.

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We have thousands of Dinner Daily members who gladly pay for their subscriptions as below, and most members will save many times that each week from our “menus based on store specials” program (not to mention the hours of time you’ll save!)

We offer three plans:

3 Month Membership 6 Month Membership Annual Membership

$6/month ($1.50/week)

Billed as $18 every three months

$6/month ($1.25/week)

Billed as $30 every six months

$5/month (<$1/week)

Billed as $48 once per year

Every member receives a weekly five-dinner menu and shopping list, customized for their food preferences, dietary needs and what’s on sale at their store. Members also receive links to relevant coupons for additional savings. See our How It Works page for more information.

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