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Does The Dinner Daily Really Save 20% on Your Grocery Bill?

The Dinner Daily on the road – we test our saving money claim at Publix! You may have heard our claims of “five dinners for a family of five for $85 or less”, and “we save you 20% or more on the cost of your food every week”.  And while we test it frequently against […]

Savings at the Grocery Store

Saving Money at the Grocery Store

Taking advantage of weekly sales is key One of the key benefits we tout about The Dinner Daily system is that we base our weekly menus on what’s on sale that week for over 6,700 grocery stores in 36 states. We also say that families can save 20% or more each week on their food costs, […]

Menus for Aldi Shoppers Now on The Dinner Daily!

Now save money and eat better at Aldi!   Aldi stores have gained a big following in a short period of time by their ultra low prices and good quality. Now The Dinner Daily makes it a snap to shop at Aldi, save a ton of money, and put great meals on your table! Starting this […]

3 Reasons to End Your Dinner Ideas Search

Do you find yourself frequently searching for dinner ideas somewhere between 4PM and 6PM? Typically it goes something like this: First: check the fridge (or even the freezer) for something you can build a meal around (hmmm, maybe I can use those pork chops in the freezer that have hardened into a pork chop glacier […]

New Video! The Dinner Daily Explained!

We’re always looking for better ways to explain how The Dinner Daily works and we think this 90 second video does it well! Take a look! And if you know someone who could benefit from The Dinner Daily, please use the share links below the video to spread the good news. Thanks!