Dinner Daily Corporate Wellness Programs

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Better Dinners = Happier, More Productive Employees


Help your employees eat better dinners, save time and save money!

All of your employees eat dinner, but for many working professionals and families, making dinner can be a significant, daily source of stress.

What do I make tonight? Do I have the ingredients? Do I have the time? Will my family like it?

The Dinner Daily takes the stress out of dinnertime. For just a few dollars a month, The Dinner Daily provides a weekly plan for five delicious dinners and a shopping list built on healthy, nutritious, easy-to-make meals, and cost saving techniques that can cut food costs, saving $1000 a year or more.  The Dinner Daily makes healthy dinners easy, and more than pays for itself each week.


Your company can offer The Dinner Daily at no cost to your company as a voluntary, employee-paid benefit, or as an extremely affordable sponsored company-paid benefit.  We provide a customized signup page, communications materials and simple signup/unsubscribe, meaning it’s a benefit that can be offered with little or no administrative burden to your Corporate Wellness or HR group.


A growing number of companies, including these below, now offer The Dinner Daily to their employees, and finding their employees love it!
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Here’s what one of our Corporate Wellness clients has to say about The Dinner Daily:
“In my role as Wellness Director and Nutritionist at a corporate organization, I am always looking for ways to make healthy living easier for the employees.  The most common obstacle I see people struggle with is planning healthy, quick and affordable meals for themselves and their families. When I came across Dinner Daily, I knew it was the right choice for the employees of Arbella.  Since adding Dinner Daily as a benefit to the employees, we have received nothing but positive feedback. I have been approached again and again by employees and management thanking me for bringing this service to the organization.  In fact, at least 20% of our employees have taken advantage of the service and the numbers are still growing! Employees rave about the recipes, the simplicity of it all and the great saving they have experienced from such a smart and resourceful system. I cannot thank Dinner Daily enough for providing our organization with this innovative and essential tool for a healthy, happy lifestyle”

Sarah Cailler, Wellness Director, Arbella Insurance

Sample Dinner Daily meal plan

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Each week, every employee who subscribes will receive in their inbox:

  1. A weekly menu for five dinners linked to foods they like and where they shop
  2. An organized shopping list
  3. Links to coupons for additional savings

For an expanding number of major grocery chains across the country, the menus are created based on the store’s weekly specials to lower food costs, but The Dinner Daily can be used with ANY grocery store. Your employees will eat healthier meals, save time and money and enjoy more family time at the dinner table.


Studies show that healthy eating has a positive impact on energy. Higher energy employees means more productive employees.

“The tried-and-true advice for healthful eating also applies to keeping your energy level high: eat a balanced diet that includes a variety of unrefined carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, with an emphasis on vegetables, whole grains, and healthy oils.” Harvard University Medical School

Sound Good? Take a further look around or Contact us to find out more about our Corporate Wellness options. Or download our Corporate Wellness Brochure. Let us help you make your employees’ lives less stressful, and their family time more rewarding.
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